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Enterprise4All project

If you have a great business idea but don’t know where to start then Enterprise4All is here to help!

Through European funding Enterprise4All is able to provide you with:

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Our Mission

We believe that small businesses are a strong factor in European economics.  By encouraging more people to start small businesses and supporting them in the process we aim to reduce unemployment as well as make a strong contribution to a lasting economic recovery with sustainable growth.

The Enterprise4All project is tailored to provide people with the necessary enterprising skills for creating their own business and generating their own job.  It will focus on the most vulnerable people who are affected by the economic crisis: young people, long-term unemployed people and those over 45 years old.

In order to achieve this goal, the project idea bring together innovative training materials from different countries to develop an exciting new programme.  It will be addressed to foster entrepreneurship through providing enterprising skills to unemployed people.

In many cases, people who have been facing unemployment for a long time and who are experiencing the economic crisis with no hopes of finding a job, need much more than training, they need guidance, expert advice and emotional support.  Therefore the use of this methodology will allow participants to gain all the necessary enterprising competences which include not just hard skills but soft skills too.


Who are we?

Enterprise4All is run by a consortium of organisations across six European countries that are working together to support and develop entrepreneurship across Europe. All partners have extensive experience in running enterprise programmes in their countries.  Seven organisations are involved: UPTA from Spain, Netpositive in Hungary, FH Joanneum and MERIG in Austria, Inova Consultancy from the UK, the Italian organisation Dida and VMST in Iceland.

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